Roof Repair

At the first sign of trouble call May Roofing for a fast, affordable and permanent repair that will help ensure your roof sees out its full serviceable life and stops those unwanted leaks for good. Get Free Quote Today

Industrial Roofing

Traditional Industrial roofs installed over 25 years ago are now rapidly approaching the end of their serviceable lifespan. May commercial & industrial Roofing contractors can make your premises look and feel young again with a new commercial roof. Get Free Quote Today

Domestic Roofing

May Roofing can provide the ideal low cost, long-lasting roof for your house. They can be installed quickly, are easily maintained and repaired or economically refurbished – Provided you have the right team on your side. Get Free Quote Today


Premier Roofing Contractors in Dublin

May Roofing has an exciting new progressive approach to everything it does, yet at its foundations is a fine established pedigree. Building on the experience of leading innovators of Ireland’s specialist roofing industry, all our roofers are highly trained and exceptionally skilled professionals and use the very latest products and techniques. We strive to be the leading roofing contractors in Dublin.

If there’s a Flat Roof in your life – You need May Roofing.

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From a free initial site survey we will talk you through every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll also recommend the materials that are ideally suited for your individual needs.

Call now for the fastest, most affordable and truly reliable flat roofing solution that comes fully guaranteed from the premier roofing contractors in Dublin.


Act Now & Save

It’s always a good idea to cast an occasional eye over your flat roof just to check everything is as it should be. There may be some general damage, cracking, lifting of the waterproof membrane or even some standing water that refuses to drain away.

A more immediate indication of problems brewing are those odd damp patches beginning to appear in the ceiling. Whatever ailing symptoms there are, one thing is for certain – things are only going to get worse!

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Roof Repairs 5 Year Guarantee

At the first sign of trouble call May Roofing for a fast, affordable and permanent repair that will help ensure your roof sees out its full serviceable life.

And while we’re up there we will also give it a proper professional once-over and advise you of any potential future problems that might be lurking.

Keeping you watertight today and preventing the need for premature refurbishments tomorrow, one of our specialist roofing teams can be with you within hours in Dublin and surrounding areas.


New Roof Replacement 30 Year Guarantee

A full overlay may be appropriate where the existing top layer is in good condition. However where a covering has failed only a complete strip and replacement will get you fully watertight again.

There are other benefits too; a fresh new appearance will make you realise how tired and unloved your building was looking as well as giving you the chance to upgrade its thermal insulation performance at the same time.

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Getting A Top Job

With so many alternatives, which product is going to be best? Like some of the trickiest multiple choice questions you could phone a friend – or better still you can always ask us at May Roofing.

Even if you’re only at the wishful thinking stage, we’ll be glad to listen and then give you our recommendations that perfectly matches your budget. In fact, whatever you want to put a roof on, you can be sure we’ve done it many times before.


Planning & Design

We will advise you on material and design. It needs to be safe, long-lasting and meet all the appropriate building regulations.

We’ll also take care of all the detailing considerations like making sure rain water will run-off properly and that the gutters will be in the right place to catch it. Garages don’t need to be insulated but where a flat roof is part of a heated, habitable part of the house like your kitchen or bathroom, it will need insulating with fire-safe protection boards.

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Roof Insulation

Making your home thermally efficient does much more than keep the chill out of your bones. There will be fewer arguments over where to set the thermostat, your heating costs will be lower and any saving in overall energy consumption will help the environment too. It makes sound sense to insulate.



felt jobs

Roofing Projects

Ours team of specialist roofing professionals have thousands of successful and affordable projects to their name. They are fast, efficient and take the upmost pride in every job they tackle, no matter how big or small. You can relax knowing they are dedicated to ensuring the whole process will be as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

Our comprehensive 30 year Guarantee on new Roofs and 5 year guarantee on roof repairs gives complete peace of mind to all our valued customers.

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Experience Counts

Having spent more of the past 40 years on a roof than actually on the ground, Gerard has encountered just about every roofing problem imaginable. You can therefore be assured that he and the team will provide the fastest, most affordable and truly reliable roofing solution to your individual need. His unrivalled expertise is also the key to identify opportunities to protect and care for your structure, minimising its running costs yet maximising its environmental friendliness.