Running In The Family

There’s something wonderfully reassuring and reliable about a family name that has stood the test of time in the business world. Whether it’s Guinness or Cadbury you know you can depend on them for quality and customer satisfaction. But what’s even more reassuring is when the family members themselves are still firmly at the helm.

For nearly 40 years the May name has been synonymous with leading Ireland’s specialist roofing industry. Brothers Gerard & Derek May established an unrivalled reputation for quality roof installations, repair and maintenance programs. Always forward thinking in terms of the latest product developments and application methods. Today that same philosophy continues as Gerard’s daughter Natalie steers the family business through the next exciting decades with the same ethos on quality, reliability and forward-thinking.

roof plan

Prestigious Projects

You can see May Roofing creative solutions every day on some of the country’s most prestigious commercial projects including the luxurious Powerscourt Hotel in Wicklow, the Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords and Cadbury Schweppes HQ itself in Tallaght.



Dynamic Approach

While May Roofing has a progressive new and dynamic approach to everything we do, we are committed to building on the vast experience of our trusted pedigree. All our roofers are highly trained and exceptionally skilled professional who use the very latest products and techniques.

From kitchen extensions to extensive warehouse facilities, our roof installations provide the ideal low-cost, long-lasting option. We can install them quickly with the minimum of disruption and maintain them to maximise their durability.We’ll also take the worry out with fast, responsive repair services and economical refurbishments. We promise not only keep your roof waterproof but future proof too.


Still On Top!

They say there’s no substitute for experience, and we’ve got it by the shed load. By our calculations, our surprisingly youthful looking roofers have clocked up over 100 years of rooftop experience between them and have encountered just about every roofing challenge imaginable. You can be assured that our teams will provide fast, affordable and truly reliable roofing solutions to your individual needs. Our unmatched expertise is also key to identifying opportunities to protect and care for your private property or commercial premises; minimising running costs while maximising its environmental friendliness.