Emergency Flat Roof Repair

No, it’s not your imagination; the weather really is getting more extreme these days. Battering gale force winds and torrential downpours are featuring in our forecasts with alarming regularity. And it’s not just older flat roofs that are at risk, brand new installations are also falling victim to an angry Mother Nature.



When Disaster Strikes Act Fast!

Storm damage has an instant devastating effect on our homes, businesses and commercial buildings. The structures need to be made safe and their interiors and contents protected as soon as humanly possible.


roof leaking
Here to Help

On constant call for Dublin and the surrounding area – Flat Roof Repair Dublin are THE Roofing Emergency Service.

Within minutes one of our specialist roofing teams will be on their way to tackle any crisis from a small leak determinedly filling a washing-up bowl to the havoc of where roof coverings have been completely ripped away.


Quick And Easy

We will get you sorted and watertight again as fast as we can, so you’ll be able to dial down the stress and concentrate on the most important thing of getting life back to normal.

For residential, commercial or industrial, we’ll keep you covered.