Flat Roof Electronic Leak Detection

When it comes to providing the most advanced methods of maintaining our customers’ roofs, we’re always prepared to put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we continue to invest in the latest technologies and specialist equipment available. In fact, May Roofing were the first Irish roofing contractor to bring Buckley’s Electronic Leak Detection machines to the Irish market many moons ago!

Searching for Clues

The longstanding bugbear inflicted on any flat roof owner is the curse of the elusive leak. All the evidence is there, the ugly damp spot or two steadily advancing across the ceiling. And we all know that even a minuscule crack or tear will undoubtedly develop into something much more inconvenient and if ignored, horribly expensive. Holes in flat roofs and roof membranes are notoriously difficult to find, usually being too small to be identified visually, even with perfect 20/20 vision. And the larger the roof, the more impossible it is. Sometimes tracing the source of the River Nile might seem an easier option.

Spark of Genius

Our favourite box of tricks is a high-tech electronic leak detector or spark test that accurately tests a wide range of non-conductive roof coverings including built-up bitumen felt, liquid-applied waterproofing, single-ply PVC and asphalt.
Using an electrode that resembles a wide bronze brush head, the device passes a low level charge through the roof membrane. When a defect or imperfection is ‘swept-over’ an electrical circuit is created triggering the detector unit’s alarm.

Electronic leak detection is ideal for use on any flat or low-pitched roof to pinpoint the exact location of leaks, punctures, faults, breaches, porosity and even pinholes invisible to the naked eye. Using various electrode accessories we can test membrane integrity around complex detailing, seams and lap joints. We can also use the system to establish that a newly installed roofing membrane is perfectly watertight.

Rapid Results

The process is quick and completely non-invasive and non-destructive to your roof. Cost
effective, our roofers can test up to 2000m² per day to track down any offending weak spot
and repair without delay.

So book your Roof Spark Test today and put us to the test.