worker builder with hand drill at metal profile roof installation

Flat Roof Leaking

There are two great things about flat roofs, their exceptional value and renowned durability. Whatever system you have, whether the traditional method of building up 2 to 3 layers of bituminous felt bonded together one on top of the other, or the latest in single ply PVC technology, they will have been fast to install and at low cost. They’ll also be keeping extension, garage or shed watertight and protected for decades.



Don’t Drip

Flat roofs are low maintenance requiring little more than a glance over maybe a couple of times a year, just to make sure everything is okay. Yet even the most conscientious of homeowners may not be able to identify the subtle tell-tale signs of the early onset of blistering or a miniscule crack or tear that might have it in mind to develop into something bigger.



Raining Cats and Dogs!

Rain could also have got into the habit of not adequately draining away for various reasons. It’s a problem called pooling or ponding where the roof covering starts to sag a little between the joists. Again this is not an obvious complication to spot as you need to check the roof once every 48 hours to see if water is failing to run off or not. And if it’s raining cats-and-dogs for weeks on end it’s almost impossible to detect.



First Sign

Often the first sign of trouble will be one or two ugly damp spots on the ceiling. Human nature might try to convince you that at it’s a trick of the light, or maybe the evenings are just getting darker anyway. Ignore these symptoms at your peril as you already have a leak somewhere.


roof leaking

Hurry Act Fast

And if it’s not attended to, the next course of action will have you flinging open every cupboard in search of any potentially suitable pots or pans to contain the inevitable drips. These will then decide to get quicker and quicker until the ceiling itself gives up the will to live with inevitable consequences.




Early leak detection is therefore vital to keeping costs low and avoiding expensive repairs and overly extensive remedial work.Some over-enthusiastic DIYers will not hesitate to have a go themselves and wallop waterproofing compound from the local home improvement store over the perceived root cause of the problem. However pin-pointing the exact location of a leak is notoriously difficult on flat roofs.



Take the Stress Out

Wouldn’t it be much easier to have a team like Flat Roof Repair Dublin on your ‘Useful Contacts’ list?We’re here to help, so call us at the first sign that something unpleasant might be brewing. Our teams of specialist roofers all have a nose for trouble along some useful technology when it comes to leak detection. Their eyes may be a little red around the edges but they are experienced and highly qualified at identifying the problem area.




Call Now

No matter how big or small the repair required it will be subject to a full site survey to assess the overall condition of the roof. All repairs and remedial work will be carried out quickly and efficiently to the highest standards using only the most advanced and appropriate products available.Our affordable  professional repair service will help ensure that your flat roof meets it full anticipated lifespan. So add Flat Roof Repair Dublin to your useful numbers and we’ll be there when you need us most.