Flat Roof Repairs Cost

Flat roofs have two exceptional qualities, their excellent value and outstanding durability. Whether you have the good old traditional system of bituminous felt that’s been around since the 1940s or the latest in single ply PVC technology, they will have been and quick and straight-forward to install.



Act Now – Save Later

They are also incredibly simple to maintain requiring little more than a glance-over maybe in March and November, just to make sure everything is still in good order. Yet even the most eagle-eyed homeowner may not be able to identify the subtle tell-tale signs of the early stages of blistering or the tiny cracks or tears that you can be sure will eventually turn into something much bigger and much costlier later.



Stubborn Rain

It may be that rain has got into the stubborn habit of not draining away as the roof design originally intended. This pooling is caused if the covering membrane has started to sag a little between the joists of the roof deck. Again this is not an easy complication to spot as you need to check the roof every two days to see if water has decided to form its own little boating pond. If precipitation persists day in, day out, it’s going to be impossible to recognize anyway.



Leak? What Leak?

Usually the first sign that your roof is not as watertight as it once was are ugly damp spots developing on the ceiling. You might try to convince yourself that it’s just a mere trick of the light, but ignore these symptoms at your peril as you already have sprung a leak somewhere.


roof leaking

Roof Leaks

If it’s not attended to, you’ll soon be flinging open every cupboard in search of pots and pans to contain the inevitable drips. These will then decide to get quicker and heavier until the ceiling itself gives up the will to live with inevitable consequences. Early leak detection is therefore vital if you want to keep maintenance costs low and avoid expensive repairs and unnecessarily extensive remedial work later.


roof plan

Stress Less over Water Ingress

If there’s a flat roof in your life it might be a good idea to add Flat Roof Repair Dublin to your ‘Useful Contacts’ list. And the good news is that our flat roof repair costs are surprisingly low so it’s best to spend a little now to save a fortune later.



Our Team

Our teams of specialist roofers all have a sensitive nose for sniffing out trouble along some useful technology when it comes to leak detection. Their eyes may be a little bloodshot but they are experienced and highly qualified at identifying every conceivable problem from cleverly concealed cracks to the slightest of sagging. Stress not dear citizen, however your seepage should attempt to disguise itself – they will find it and fix it good and proper!




Whatever size of repair is required it will be subject to a full site survey that will also assess the overall condition of your roof. We will carry out all repairs and remedial work quickly and efficiently using the most advanced products available.Our affordable professional repair service will help ensure that your flat roof meets its full anticipated lifespan. Go on, keep us in your contacts and we’ll be there when you’ll need us most.