Leaking Flat Roof Repair

There are many great things about flat roofs, their exceptional value, durability and low maintenance requirements. Whatever system you have like tried and tested bituminous felt or PVC  they’ll be keeping your kitchen or bathroom extension, garage or shed watertight. Occasionally though, things can go wrong.



Don’t get Sunk with a Leak

In most cases problems such as cracks, holes and shrinkage can be laid firmly at the door of a less than perfect initial installation or you may have fallen victim to one of Mother Nature’s bad days and succumbed to some unexpected storm damage. Alternatively if your roof is over 25 years old it might simply be showing signs that it is coming to the end of its serviceable life.


roof leaking

Leaking Roof

But that’s little comfort when that light drip into a jam jar becomes a cascade into buckets, washing-up bowls or anything else you can find to stem the flood. It will come as no surprise if you are that unfortunate homeowner that you have, as we say in the trade, ‘sprung a leak’ and you need to do something fast like contact Flat Roof Repair Dublin.



Quick Response

Responding to any distress call, one of our specialist roofing teams will be on their way to tackle any crisis. We will get you sorted and watertight again as fast as we can, so you’ll be able to dial down the hassle factor and concentrate on the most important thing of getting life back to normal.



Leave it to the Experts

As advised on all the best magic shows “Don’t Try This At Home!” Any kind of roof can be a dangerous place, even more so when it is wet. Most importantly when there’s a question of its structural integrity, we recommend you keep your feet firmly on the ground and let the professionals with proper heads for height get on with the job.



Do It Yourself?

Enthusiastic DIY’ers will not hesitate to wallop on some waterproofing compound from the local home improvement store over the perceived root cause of the problem. Unfortunately pin-pointing the exact location of a leak is notoriously difficult on flat roofs. Even though these products can do an adequate temporary job and Mr Fixit has plastered his where he thinks the leak is, this is probably nowhere near the actual defected or damaged part of the roofing membrane.



Here To Help

We’re here to help, so call us the moment you suspect something unpleasant might be brewing. Our teams of specialist roofers all have a nose for sniffing out trouble along some useful technology when it comes to leak detection. Their eyes may be a little red around the edges but they are experienced and highly qualified at identifying every conceivable problem. Stress not – your leak will be found out and fixed!



No Job Too Big Or Small

No matter how big or small the repair required it will be subject to a full site survey to assess the overall condition of the roof. Our affordable professional leaking flat roof repair service will help ensure that your flat roof sees out its full anticipated lifespan. So keep us in your useful numbers list as you never know when you’ll need us most.