New Flat Roof

So your new extension is all planned, so much more space to enjoy and it’s going to look fantastic, or maybe you’ve decided that it’s time the car finally has a cosy dry garage to sleep at night. These are big investments and you want to make sure they are going to be properly protected for years to come, and that means choosing the right roofing system for your new flat roofs.


Planning Means No Failure

We will advise you on structural decking material and design. It needs to be safe, long-lasting and meet all the appropriate building regulations.

We’ll also take care of all the detailing considerations like making sure rain water will run-off properly and that the gutters will be in the right place to catch it. Garages don’t need to be insulated but where a flat roof is part of a heated, habitable part of the house like your kitchen or bathroom, it will need insulating.


The Right Topping

Traditionally flat roofing was usually waterproofed by building up 2 to 3 layers of bituminous felt, bonded together one on top of the other. The quality of these membranes have been getting better and better over the decades and are now known as Reinforced Bitumen Membranes or RBM and are still a firm favourite for residential properties.


A Singles Game

Gaining in the popularity stakes however we have single ply membranes, not least because of a certain significant advantage, and the clue for that’s in the name ‘single’ .You don’t need to wear a deerstalker and be called Sherlock to work that these systems need only one layer, so installation times can really move up a gear. An elementary deduction would be getting on for up to 3 times quicker than good old felty.



Don’t tell anyone, but we love rubber! Well on the roof anyway. It comes in large seamless rolls and so very often we can simply cut it to size on the ground and fit it in one piece meaning there are no joints.

Its more technical name is synthetic EPDM and it’s incredibly flexible and robust. It won’t crack, blister or rot and can last up to half a century.

3Wind & Rain

It may be stating the obvious, but all flat roofs and their insulation must be constructed to resist the evil and invisible forces of wind. The last thing you want to open your eyes to in the morning is the top of your beautiful new extension flapping about like an up-turned umbrella. When you entrust your new roof installation to the care of May Roofing our specialist roofing professionals will keep everything stuck down all good and proper.

And that is job done!