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Felt Roofs

It’s a bit like word association, but if someone says “flat roofing”, then you are more than likely to respond with “felt”. This grand old tradition of waterproofing by bonding together 2 to 3 layers of mineral based felt roofing sheets, one on top of the other, became the system of choice in the early 1940s. Unfortunately, a bit like members of Dad’s Army, it was prone to blistering, brittleness, cracking and joint failure.



New Technology

Developments in polymer technology have enabled built-up felt systems to advance over the decades and are now known as Reinforced Bitumen Membranes or RBM. Significant improvements in their overall quality means that modern day felts offer an array of benefits making them still a firm favourite for protecting and waterproofing residential properties.


felt roof

Flat Roofing Never Felt so Good

For your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom extension, dorma roofing, porch or garage, felt roofs are considered the best value roofing material you can buy and come fully backed by 10, 15 or even 20 year guarantees. Some of these built up systems have been shown to have a life expectancy 40 years.



Quick Installation

And there are even more reasons to stay calm as felts can be quickly installed directly over existing coverings as long as the condition of the roof deck is okay. This means you can easily give your roof a new lease of life for a smaller cost and much less disruption.


roof plan

Modern Design

Modern felts are designed to be elastomeric, meaning they can move with your building. Not that your carport is suddenly going to pack its bags and move around the corner of course. It means simply that the membranes can accommodate any slight settlement movements of the structure, particularly important for new build installations, without cracking or compromising their waterproofing integrity or life-span.



Felt Membranes

Today’s felt membranes are far more versatile and design compatible. Their lightweight and resilient properties mean that they can be adapted for almost any flat roof design and can even form bases for a terraces or balconies. But that’s a job for the professionals as you probably don’t want to come crashing through and landing on Auntie Lil’s lap while she’s reading in the conservatory.




They can also be laid onto any of the leading thermal insulation boards and materials from Phenolic foam to ecologically friendly rockwool and straw based systems. This makes them ideally suited for meeting the ‘warm roof’ building requirements for any habitable part of your home.



Cost-Effective Quality

Although they are low cost, it doesn’t mean you’ll be skimping on quality. At Flat Roof Repair Dublin we pride ourselves on affordability, but only use the best performing materials produced by market leading manufacturers and all are installed to the highest standards. All our specialist roofers are quick and efficient with years of experience to their trade. They’re all dab hands with the use of gas torches too with not a singed eyebrow between them.


new flat roof

Job Well Done

But before we can say ‘Job Well Done!’ we will have to apply some essential sun factor to protect the roof from harmful UV rays and additional fire protection to meet the necessary building regulations, but that’s easy enough. Then all you need to do is sit back with Auntie Lil and enjoy your roof for years to come.