Flat Roof Insulation

Making your home thermally efficient does much more than keep the chill out of your bones. There will be fewer arguments over where to set the thermostat, your heating costs will be lower and any saving in overall energy consumption will help the environment too. It makes sound sense to insulate, besides which, you have to anyway.



Insulate and Appreciate

All flat roofs above any habitable parts of a house, lounges, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms etc., whether new or refurbished must be fully insulated to comply with building regulations. To find out more you please contact Flat Roof Repair Dublin. If just talking to us doesn’t make you feel instantly cosy, our specialist roofers will.




Sometimes the insulation is placed immediately above the ceiling which we call in the trade a ‘cold roof’. These are prone to condensation if not properly ventilated which causes the insulation to rot and deteriorate. Instead we prefer to place it above the roof deck before the application of the waterproofing membrane to form a lovely snug and far more effective ‘warm roof’.


Garage Roof

There’s no recommendation to insulate your garage roof. However if you’ve designated it as your hallowed Man Cave or have a classic clunker to cherish, why not give it the full luxury love-up treatment as well?



Never Refuse an Upgrade

If you have an existing ‘cold roof’ in need of refurbishment, it should be converted to a warm roof. At the same time we can remove any decaying and unpleasant old insulation material from between the joists. That stuff is just not nice to have above your head anyway.



Roof Covering

You may want to refurbish a roof but find that the existing covering is in such a seriously poor condition that it will need to be completely stripped and replaced. Relax, this isn’t all bad news as you now have the ideal opportunity to add or upgrade your home’s insulation with the very latest and most energy conserving insulating materials available.




Are you are suffering from ponding problems or a sagging between your joists? Before you rush off to the doctors, let us take a look first. We may be able to fit specially tapered insulation boards to create the necessary drainage falls without disturbing the offending roof deck at all. This will give you a brilliantly drained and wonderfully warm roof all in one go.


roof light

High Performance

Generally the higher performance or star rating of an insulator the less thick and lighter the boards, slabs or tiles will be needed to achieve the same energy saving. There’s everything from cork and rock wool to poly isocyanuret and inorganic volcanic rock. Don’t worry; we’ll talk you through all you need to know.



Heat is Really On…

Sadly there are tragic circumstances when houses get too hot, in other words when they are on fire! And this is where your roofing insulation material could save your life.In the event of a fire, modern insulation materials are designed to help contain the spread of flames and extend the roof’s structural integrity. They also reduce the emission of smoke and harmful gases giving you that extra vital time to get your family to safety.