Flat Roofing Dublin

If we were a tin it would say Flat Roof Repair Dublin all over it because that’s exactly what we do and where we do it! So if you are planning an exciting new extension or any building project that’s going to be topped out with a flat roof, now would be a great time to get in touch with us as you’re soon going to have some important decisions to make.


On your Doorstep

Maybe you’re looking forward to all that extra space in the kitchen or you intend extending the living room into the garden with a classy conservatory. Perhaps you’ve decided to give the trusty old runabout a cosy dry garage to sleep in at night or have rewarded yourself with the promise of the ultimate garden shed.



Roof Covering

Whatever you’re having done is going to look fabulous, but it’s also a substantial investment that needs properly protecting and that means choosing the correct roof covering, but which one is best for you?

Worry not, your friendly local roofing specialists are here to help. Even if you’re only at the wishful thinking stage, we’ll be all ears about what you have in mind and can give our recommendations for the perfect roof that will match your specification and budget.


roof plan

Eye for Detail

As someone who was probably quite famous once said ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ so we will advise you on every aspect of structural decking material, design and construction because failing isn’t in our dictionary.Before we can install any roofing system we’ll need to make sure the underlying deck is safe, dependable and meets the appropriate building regulations.



We Have You Covered

We’ll take care of every detailing consideration so that rainwater runs off efficiently and that the gutters will be in the right place to catch it. If your extension is classed as a habitable part of your home such as a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom your flat roof will need to be fully insulated with fire-safe insulation material. You’ll be warmer and your heating bills will be smaller. And if you want to let some glorious natural light into your new space there’s an extensive range of rooflights.



Top That

Now we need to think what we’re going to cover you up with. There’s tried and tested bonded bituminous felt. These membranes have been around for what seems like forever and their quality and performance have been continuously improving. Known more technically as Reinforced Bitumen Membranes or RBM they remain a firm favourite for many residential applications. Gaining in the popularity stakes however are PVC single ply membranes.


pvc roof


PVC is ideally suited to warm roof installations as they can be laid directly onto the insulation material. Extremely durable and lightweight, they put little stress on your structure, not to mention your lovely roofers, and are reassuringly fire resistant.



Choose A Colour

Because it is so pliable and adaptable we can use it on sloped roofs as well as creating complex designs such as convex, concave and even vertically pitched. We can also provide enticing colour choices including the authentic look of lead, copper and zinc together with standing seams to complete a truly realistic effect. Your neighbours will think you’ve had a bit of luck down at Leopardstown.


natural light

Don’t get the Wind Up

All roof coverings and their insulation must be constructed to resist the invisible and malevolent forces of wind and gales. The last thing you want to see in the morning is the top of your beautiful new extension flapping about like a demented deckchair. When you entrust your roof installation to the capable hands of your local roofing professionals you can be sure they will keep everything sealed down.