Garage Roof Replacement

Generally speaking the start of any winter’s day rarely provides the opportunity to experience one of the most self-congratulatory emotions known to mankind. Your neighbours, having staggered out into the foreboding darkness, finally succeed in coaxing some reluctant life into their frozen cars.


No More Cold Starts

But this bleak morning misery is not for you. Your trusty chariot starts first time, your visibility is 20:20, your hands are as warm as the toast you’ve just consumed for breakfast and you’re feeling pretty pleased with yourself. This is all because you have a garage and your car has had a lovely, cosy night’s sleep and is more than ready to hit the road.



Garage Roof

Garages are such incredibly useful and versatile places. They cosset and care for the dream classic of your youth or the brand new family runabout you can’t wait to start doing the school run in. It’s a practical location for chest freezers and washing machines, a place to tinker, fix and repair and is that essential storage facility for all the stuff you simply can’t cram in the attic.



End Of Life Span

As any roof approaches the end of its serviceable lifespan its overall waterproof integrity will unavoidably begin a steady decline. Then it’s anyone’s guess as to how long it will be before water inevitably seeps through. If the existing top layer is still in good enough condition, a simple overlay with a new membrane is usually all that’s needed. However, if things have been left to deteriorate for too long, the old covering is said to be failing or has failed and will need replacing with a swanky new one.


roof light

Fresh New Roof

A fresh new appearance will make you realise how tired and unloved your garage was looking as well as giving you the chance to upgrade its thermal insulation performance at the same time. It also gives you the opportunity to install rooflights if you fancy letting in some glorious healthy natural light instead of having to rely on those eye-staining flickering florescent tubes.



Tip Top Performance

Flat Roof Repair Dublin can make your garage look and feel young again with a new lease of life that’s guaranteed for up to 30 years.Our specialist roofers have a whole array of advanced products under their bonnet to meet any budget and all with super-fast installation times. There is the ever reliable reinforced bituminous felt that’s been waterproofing and protecting flat roofs just about since they were first thought to be a good idea and are still a firm favourite for automotive architecture.




PVC does more than just keep your garage watertight, it can make it look fantastic too. Forget Henry Ford’s black only option for his Model T, we provide an enticing colour choice including the realistic appearance of lead, copper and zinc together with standing seams to complete the effect. It really will leave your neighbours feeling even more left out in the cold.