Green Flat Roofs

For once it’s not exclusively about enviro-friendliness, but also that you can have a living, growing flat roof that’s as green as your lawn. Fear not though, you don’t have to mow it. Our Scandinavian friends started using a scattering of soil and greenery on their roofs as an accepted construction method, although they quickly realised there was a problem – roots were growing through their tar-based roofing systems causing the structures to fail prematurely.



How Green does your Roof Grow?

Green roofing has seen increasing popularity over the last decade or so, creating highly aesthetic and ecologically friendly havens in city centres, industrial and built-up urban areas. They have become commonplace on new build and refurbishment projects for offices, hotels, schools and apartment blocks.


Fancy Your Own Overhead Oasis?

Now we’re not exactly thinking of plonking the Hanging Gardens of Babylon on your house, but just imagine the vitality and life a green roof could bring to any extension, garage or even that drab looking garden shed.


natural light

Green Roof

Generally a residential green roof consists of a matting of pre-grown rock type or sedum plants and a lightweight drainage layer applied directly on top of your flat roof waterproof membrane. The effect is both instant and spectacular, and they also have some surprisingly practical advantages as well:-


Great for Wildlife

As green roofs are so low maintenance they provide new undisturbed habitats for all sorts of minibeasts as well as food for butterflies, birds and bees – Perfect for Pollinators!



High Sun Factor Protection

Harmful UV rays can damage a bituminous roof making it susceptible to leaks. Your green roof however will love the sun and provide a layer of natural protection that can save money by significantly extending the longevity of the waterproofing membrane.



Improves Thermal Performance

Proven to reduce household heating bills, they can provide extra warmth in the winter months and help keep you cool during the summer.



Rainwater Management

A living roof can absorb almost 80% of rainfall. By releasing the rainwater slowly it can relieve pressures on local drainage systems to help reduce the risk of flooding and filters pollutants as it goes.




Go Green

Just contact Flat Roof Repair Dublin and we’ll talk you through all the options. Most importantly we will advise you on the appropriate waterproof membrane for your roof, whether on a new roof or as a refurbishment. We will then ensure it is professionally and correctly fitted. This is the critical part of the project as only with a properly completed installation underneath will your glorious living roof be able to reward you for so many years to come.