pvc roof

PVC Roofing

The dictionary definition of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, but we disagree. At Flat Roof Repair Dublin it stands for ‘Perfectly Versatile Covering’ that offers exciting design possibilities and performs without compromise. Unlike Henry Ford and his black only Model T, we provide an enticing colourful choice including the realistic appearance of lead, copper and zinc.



Sloped Roofs

And it’s not just flat roofs that we can transform. PVC is so pliable and adaptable that we can use it on sloped roofs as well as creating more complex designs such as convex, concave and even vertically pitched. No really – straight up! Just imagine what we can do for that elegant extension you’re planning or that classy conservatory or grand garage. For anyone feeling proper posh, we do a great line in opulent orangeries too.



Need a New Roof

If you have existing membrane covered roofs that are beginning to look a little tired and unloved then PVC is also the ideal modern, efficient and cost-effective solution for every refurbishment project.



A Fast, Flexible Friend

It has been protecting and waterproofing the homes of Europe for well over 4 decades with millions of square metres of the stuff being rolled out and installed on just about every type of roof you can think of.



Single Ply

Being single ply we only need to apply one layer of the membrane. That’s a great time saver compared with the more traditional built up methods. It’s also incredibly lightweight so there’s less stress on your structure and our specialist roofers can get it onto your roof without having to reach for the oxygen bottle.



Secure Fit

On timber roof decks the membrane can be fixed in a flash using a high speed mechanical fixing system with steel screws and large retaining discs running along the edge of the material which is then overlapped by the next piece. These joints are cleanly hot-air welded together. There’s no need for any fire belching gas torches so it’s perfectly safe for everyone. The seams are permanent; in fact they can be even stronger than the membrane itself.



Bonding Adhesive

If you have a wood slab or concrete roof deck we would use a bonding adhesive to achieve the same durable result. We can do that pretty quickly as well.



Long Lasting Performance

PVC roofing is renowned for its long-term reliability. Being highly flexible if there was to be any movement of your roof deck it can stretch to accommodate it and maintain complete watertight effectiveness.  This flexibility is retained even right down to 25°C so there’s no immediate need to worry about the next ice age.


natural light

UV Rays

Taking on the opposite weather extreme the membranes are solar reflective with excellent resistance to harmful UV rays. They are also vapour permeable allowing the roof to breathe so there can be no trapped moisture or condensation to cause any blisters and subsequent damage.



Low Maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t have to feature high on your Jobs to Do list either, just a quick look maybe twice a year to make sure everything is as it should be. If you haven’t got much of a head for heights, we’ll be happy to pop back anytime to give it the once-over.

And should the unthinkable happen, PVC will extinguish itself in the event of a fire.


Fancy Trying Something Different?

Because of its innovative formulation PVC is resistant to chemicals and micro-organisms, and being both root and rot proof they make an excellent base for any green roof aspirations.