Strip & Replace Flat Roof

Traditional flat roofs installed over 25 ago are now rapidly approaching the end of their serviceable lifespan. Harmful UV rays will be getting through the top covering’s aging sun protection to damage and diminish the roofs water resistance.



Nothing Lasts Forever

So if you think your roof is getting on a bit and past its prime; now’s probably a good time to consider re-establishing its effectiveness before water inevitably begins to seep through, damaging ceilings and literally putting the dampers on your lovely décor. It may not be an emergency situation, but more of a case of ‘fixing the roof while the sun is shining’.



Felt Roof

If the existing top layer is still in good enough condition, a simple overlay with a new membrane is usually all that’s needed.However, if things have been left to deteriorate for too long, the old covering may be said to be failing or have failed. Then the only course of action  to get you fully watertight again will be to strip away and remove every remnant of the offending material and replacement it with a swanky new one.



New Lease of Life

It’s not all bad news though as there is also some great advantages with a complete strip and replacement. A fresh new appearance will make you realise how tired and unloved your home was looking as well as giving you the chance to upgrade its thermal insulation performance at the same time.


roof light

Stop the Aging Process

Flat Roof Repair Dublin can make your property look and feel young again with a new lease of life that’s guaranteed for up to 30 years. From a free initial site survey we will talk you through every step of the way so you know exactly what to expect.




Stripping The Roof

Stripping the entire old covering may sound like a bit of a laborious job, but we work like ravenous shoals of piranhas to get to the bare bones, or rather bare roof deck before you know it. We’ll also recommend the most effective insulation materials to really get those heating costs down and identify the roofing materials that are ideally suited for your individual needs.



Our Team

Our teams of specialist roofing professionals have thousands of successful and affordable strip and replacement projects under their belts. They are fast, efficient and take the upmost pride in every job they tackle, no matter how big or small. You can relax knowing they are dedicated to ensuring the whole process will be as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.



The Extra Mile

We don’t just stop at the end of the job as there will always be someone available to pop back every now and then, just to make sure everything is all fine and dandy.