The flat roof in your life is still performing magnificently and doing the job it was put up there to do. However if it was installed over 25 years ago it is unfortunately approaching the end of its serviceable lifespan and its overall waterproof integrity will unavoidably begin a steady decline. Then it’s anyone’s guess as to how long it will be before water inevitably starts to seep through and your ceiling will be blessed with the blemishes of unsightly damp spots.




If your existing top covering is still in good enough condition, a simple inexpensive overlay with a new membrane is usually all that’s needed. There are some great advantages when you recover a flat roof too. A fresh new appearance will make you realise how tired and unloved your home was looking as well as possibly giving you the chance to upgrade its thermal insulation performance at the same time.


Inexpensive Makeover

Flat Roof Repair Dublin are a brilliant bunch of roofing specialists who can make your property look and feel young again with a new lease of life that’s guaranteed for up to 30 years.We’ve got a whole array of advanced products at our disposal that will match every budget. We have the ever faithful and cost-effective reinforced bituminous felt that’s been waterproofing and protecting flat roofs just about since they were first thought to be a good idea and still a firm favourite today.




PVC, or Pretty Versatile Covering as we call it, does much more than keep your home watertight, it can make it look fantastic too. Forget Henry Ford’s less than generous black only option for his Model T, we provide an enticing colour choice including the realistic appearance of lead, copper and zinc together with standing seams to complete the effect. Your neighbours will think you’ve had a stroke of luck on the gee-gees!



Our Team

Our teams of roofing professionals have re-covered more square metres of flat roofing than you could fit into the Aviva Stadium. They are fast, efficient and take incredible pride in every job they tackle, no matter how big or small. You can relax knowing they are dedicated to ensuring the whole process will be as smooth and as hassle-free from start to finish as possible.But we don’t just stop at the end of the job as there’s always be someone available to pop back every now and then, just to make sure everything is all fine and dandy.