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Keep your Skylights Shining

Skylights, roof and dome lights have been a familiar integral part of flat roofing architecture for decades. They are essential for letting in glorious sunlight in under roof areas that otherwise would be dark and dingy. Their effect is as dramatic as it is immediate making kitchens, bathroom and bedroom extensions feel refreshingly open, welcoming and just great places to be.


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Natural Light

Researchers in white coats tell us that natural light is particularly good for our wellbeing, we are more alert, our inner spirit is lifted and overall we feel happier, especially when we remember how much money we are saving on our lighting bills. If you already have skylights adorning your home then you know all about this and congratulations for being such an enlightened individual, but have you noticed recently that perhaps things aren’t quite as enlightened as they once were? Skylight manufacturers usually give pretty generous warrantees with their products.

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Inject a New Lease of Light

We like our customers to see the brighter side of life so we offer an affordable replacement service for units close to the end of their serviceable lifespan or have been damaged or have started to leak. Replacing your tired skylights also gives you the opportunity to economically upgrade their performance and other benefits.You can opt for the standard fixed replacements or if you fancy some natural ventilation to complement your tax free natural light there are hinged opening models that can be manually or electrically operated.



Glazing Options

You have a glazing options list that includes double, triple or even quadruple to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. Manufactured from uPVC our low cost replacement skylights are fully insulated, maintenance free and UV stable for long-lasting durability. Security locking systems come as standard so your property will always be safe and secure. They can also provide additional sound protection against the clatter of heavy rain and hail.


Specialist Roofers

Our teams of specialist roofers are experienced and highly trained and can have your old lights whipped out and affordable swanky new ones installed before you can find your Ray-Bans. They’ll also install and replace skylights as part of any flat roof refurbishment project.

So don’t be gloomy, give us a call and we’ll get you to see the light again, we promise you’ll be amazed by the difference and how little it costs.