Best Name In The Game

Using waterproof single ply membranes to protect your flat roof has some great advantages. They are perfectly suited to warm roof installations as they are laid directly on top of the insulation material and then mechanically fixed with steel fasteners. The whole process is extremely fast and efficient and you only need one layer to fit. And being so lightweight they put less stress on your structure as well as the lads who have to lug it up there.



Favorite Brand

At Flat Roof Repair Dublin our favourite brand is Trocal. It was developed in the early 1960s and has been successfully covering roofs for longer than any other similar product range, so it’s been thoroughly tried and tested like no other. As the market leader throughout Europe and Ireland, Trocal membranes have been used on all sorts of prestigious projects, many you can find in and around Dublin including airports, hospitals, supermarkets and sporting arenas – they can also do a mean job on conservatories, kitchen and bathroom.


Exacting Standards

Manufactured to the most exacting standards, Trocal membranes are renowned for providing the best performance of all types of single ply roofing where quality, speed of installation and overall affordability are essential. They are perfect for use on a wide range of applications including new build, refurbishment, solar and green roof projects and even have their own patented ‘discrete disc’ mechanical fixing system, or invisible as we say.



Low Maintenance

They are also so low maintenance that you can virtually forget that they’re up there. A quick look over about October or March maybe to check that all is well, or we can do that for you if you haven’t got a head for heights. There’s no need to worry about what sun factor to apply as they have outstanding resilience to harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays together with excellent anti-bacterial properties; after all you don’t want anything unpleasant growing over your head do you?


Top Of Class

Whatever test is thrown at them by any of the European building regulatory bodies such testing resistance to fire, Trocal products always achieve an impressive AA or AB on their school report cards. You could say they were destined for the top, well the top of your extension anyway.

We are proud to work closely with all the brilliant people from Trocal; they even have a base here in Dublin which is convenient if we have any questions.



Your Roof Guaranteed

All Trocal roofing membranes are fully warranted. There’s no fancy small print or unpronounceable and uncontactable insurers, but simply a guarantee that the product will meet your individual requirements. And that’s more than good enough for us.

With Trocal single ply membranes we can offer surprisingly affordable tailor-made, watertight solutions ideally suited to you.