PVC Roof Repair

PVC roofing has been protecting and waterproofing homes throughout Europe for well over 40 years. It is the market leading single ply material with millions of square metres of the stuff being rolled out and installed on just about every type of roof you can think of.




The reason for such popularity is that it brings with it a long list of benefits. It’s quick and clean to install so installation costs are low. It’s flexible, lightweight and versatile meaning that as well as flat roofs. It’s also an ideal covering material where roofing designs get a little more adventurous such as sloped, convex, concave and even vertically pitched.



Market Dominance

Its market dominance owes a lot to the fact that it is widely recognised as the preferred material for ‘warm roof’ construction as recommended for every habitable part of the building. It also has a more colourful character than the more tradition offerings with a range of colour options that extends to mock copper, lead and zinc for an amazing upmarket appearance.



Single Ply Membrane

If you’ve moved into your house within the last 25 years and it already has a single ply membrane roof somewhere, or you’ve had an extension built yourself, chances are it’s probably going to be of the PVC variety.



Exceptional Durability

Helping it maintain that top spot for so long is that PVC is renowned for its exceptional durability and prolonged lifespan with some of those early installations still going strong. It can resist extremes of temperature and whatever the elements can throw at it. It’s permeable so it cannot trap moisture and is rot proof. In fact it’s perfectly fair to call it ‘Maintenance Free’.



What Could Go Wrong?

However, as with everything in life, there can be the unexpected hiccup so it’s a good idea to cast an occasional eye over yours to check all is well. The great news is that most problems with PVC are localised and can be quickly and easily repaired without the need of a complete new roof.



Here To Help

If you think you have a potential issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Flat Roof Repair Dublin so we can identify what might be going on and fix it before a minor drama escalates into a costly major crisis.

In most cases any cracks, holes or shrinkage can be laid firmly at the door of a less than perfect initial installation.



Remedial Work

Where PVC replaces old style asphalt it is vital that every fragment of the elderly felt is completely removed before the new roof is laid. If any bits and bobs have been carelessly left and the two materials come into contact, then that’s a marriage made in hell. The PVC will discolour, become stiff and age prematurely. The asphalt on the other hand will soften, run and begin to leak. Remedial work involving the eradication of the offending asphalt on the affected areas needs to be carried out as soon as possible.



A Seemingly Bad Seam

Another advantage of PVC is that it has hot-air welded seams. These ensure greater flexibility over time and through extremes of temperatures. However, if the seams are not properly bonded tiny perforations may develop allowing water to seep through into the roof deck. Using the latest products and repair techniques we can easily weld or seal the problem to fully reinstate the area’s waterproof integrity.



Roofing Specialists

So when you need that quick fix, only a proper professional repair by any of our roofing specialists will see your roof through to the end of its expected natural life.