Pavillions Shopping Centre

When this shopping centre was built in Swords, Dublin, its massive Kalzip waveform roof was both a key architectural feature and a new innovation in roofing.

Its construction called for enormous, site-rolled sheets of light-gauge aluminium up to 65 metres in length, which had to be expertly hoisted into place.  To ensure a proper fit, it was crucial that the radius curves be precisely aligned, and an extensive labour force was needed to manoeuvre each section safely and effectively.

Overall, the shopping centre required over 35 roofs of differing shapes and sizes, as well as several glass atrium areas.  During the 12-month project, these installations were overseen by a full-time management presence.


Blackwater Retail Park

At this brand new retail park in Navan, we supplied roofing and feature cladding for a large number of shops and retail units. To create a distinctive look for Blackwater, we installed a series of perforated aluminium signage screens, which gave a smart, architectural style to the building façades. Behind these signage screens, the frontage is a combination of glass and architectural panels providing a practical base from which retailers can display their signage.