Dome Light Repairs

The amount of time it takes for the plastic dome to break down depends upon the quality of the plastic used to make the skylight. The dome can sometimes be replaced. It is easier just to replace the whole skylight. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty, even for plastic domes. Glass is heavier and more expensive than plastic. Glass has a higher R-value and lasts indefinitely.


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Replacing Tired Skylights

At Flat Roof Repair Dublin we like our customers to see the brighter side of life so we offer an affordable replacement service for units close to the end of their serviceable lifespan or have been damaged or have started to leak. Replacing your tired skylights also gives you the opportunity to economically upgrade their performance and other benefits.


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Range Of Options

There is a range of options, features and sizes that we can match to your individual preferences and budget. From flat to elegant dome shapes they are available as fixed or opening versions which are just perfect when you feel like some natural fresh air ventilation.They are available double and triple glazed for maximum thermal insulation and can provide additional sound protection against the clatter of heavy rain and hail as well as intrusive aircraft and traffic noise and other general external hubbub.

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We Love Skylights

We love them at Flat Roof Repair Dublin and are happy to recommend incorporating them in any new build project. We can install them as part of re-covering and replacement projects as well so it’s never too late to get your fix of the great outdoors. We can also replace any existing units that are crazed, damaged or in need of an upgrade. Our specialist roofers can fit them quickly and easily with minimum disruption and their effect will be as instant as it is dramatic.