Roof Repairs Dublin

If we were a tin it would say Flat Roof Repair Dublin all over it because that’s exactly what we do and where we do it! So If there’s a flat roof in your life and you’re lucky enough to live in Dublin or thereabouts it might be a great plan to add us to your ‘Useful Contacts’ list because you never know when you’ll need us.


rubber roof job

Repair Today – Save Tomorrow

From good old traditional bituminous felt that’s been around since flat roofing was first thought to be a good idea to the very latest in single ply PVC technology, our favourite roof covering continues to offer incredible value and outstanding durability. They keep your beautiful bedroom or cavernous kitchen extension, classy conservatory or grand garage wonderfully watertight and protected and are so simple to maintain.



Cracks In Roof

A quick glance-over a couple of times a year is usually enough to make sure everything is tickety boo. Unfortunately though, even the most eagle-eyed may not be able to identify the ever so subtle tell-tale signs of the onset of early blistering or the tiny cracks or tears that you can bet the family farm on will eventually turn into something much bigger and a whole lot costlier.



When Rain Gets In

Rain sometimes gets into the annoying habit of not draining away as effectively as the original roof design intended. Such pooling is caused when the covering membrane begins to sag a little between the joists of the roof deck. The complication is not easy to spot either as you need to check the roof every couple of days to see if water has decided to form its own little rooftop duck pond. If precipitation is of a persistent nature, or it’s chucking it down cats and dogs fashion as the meteorologists would say, it’s going to be impossible to recognize anyway.




The first sign that your roof is not quite as watertight as it used to be are the odd ugly damp spots developing on the ceiling. You might try to convince yourself that it’s some malevolent trick of the light, but ignore these symptoms at your peril as you have already sprung a leak somewhere.


roof leaking

Leaking Roof

You need to do something quickly, like getting in touch with us, or you’ll soon be flinging open every cupboard in search of pots and pans to contain the inevitable drips. These drips if left to their own devices will to get larger and more frequent until the ceiling itself gives up the will to live with inevitable consequences. Early leak detection is therefore vital if you want to keep maintenance costs down and avoid expensive repairs and unnecessarily extensive remedial work at a later date.



Do It Yourself?

Try not to be too tempted in walloping on some waterproofing compound from the local home improvement store over the perceived root cause of the problem as pin-pointing the precise location of a leak on a flat roof is notoriously difficult. Even though these products do an adequate temporary job and you’ve generously plastered some where you think the leak might be, this is probably nowhere near the actual defected or damaged part of the roofing membrane.



Let us keep you Covered

So if you suddenly develop a problem it’s best to revert to Plan A and give us a call, we can be with you quicker than you think.We’re also a brilliant bunch of people and our teams of specialist roofers have extremely sensitive noses for sniffing out roofing troubles along some pretty useful kit when it comes to leak detection. Their eyes may be bloodshot but they are experienced and highly qualified at identifying every conceivable issue from cleverly concealed cracks to the slightest of sags.