Water Pooling Flat Roof

Pools and ponds are great news if you’re a duck, but if you find one on your flat roof, then that’s almost certainly going to be bad news for you.

As a general rule if you’ve had a downpour and 48 hours later you still have standing water, then you’ve got a problem.



What to Look For

You might be able to see quite clearly that water is failing to drain away, but even without the evidence of Lough Tay forming on your felt, there are other clues that might give the game away. Look out for dirty circles and signs of algae or vegetation and moss growth.


roof leaking

Drain Game

With the symptoms confirmed, the diagnosis is obviously that your roof has poor water drainage so it’s important to identify the cause. Perhaps it’s just a simple case that your gutters and drains have become blocked, or there is a build-up of debris and loose grit preventing rainwater to drain effectively. These are always straightforward and easy fixes. Alternatively your roof could be suffering from something more sinister like the roof deck itself is sagging between the joists.



We Can Help

Whatever your concerns, Flat Roof Repair Dublin can give your roof a full health check and prescribe the most appropriate and affordable course of treatment.If left unchecked there will be an increased risk of leaks, but the greatest danger comes where water continues to accumulate in those saggy parts of the roof. It is estimated that pooling water can weigh 25kg per square metre, so if you have several areas affected that’s a hefty load to withstand and could result in an unexpected roof collapse.



Doctor’s Orders

Crucially the renewal of the roofing membrane will not stop pooling or solve your ponding problem if the roof has an insufficient degree of slope for rain to drain properly.The best way we can tackle this is to re-fix or renew the decking boards on some tapered timber strips to provide just enough of a slope for rain water to drain away more efficiently.



Old Roof

If your existing roof is the tradition built-up felt variety and is just showing its age, any water pooling will automatically deteriorate its waterproofing ability and its lifespan will be further shortened. In such cases we would recommend the kindest course of action would be to replace it with a higher performance covering. If it is a PVC membrane there may be options for patch repairs or a simple overlay.